Web radio... seems like a blast from the past huh? Well I've been listening to some excellent free stations for a while now and I figured I'd save them here before I started forgetting URLs. I'm giving the direct stream links here rather than the landing pages so you don't have to fuck around looking for them.

Lainon Life

Pair of excellent radio stations from lainchan.org. If you listen to anything on this page, I'd recommend the Cyberia link.


Hell yeah. Some classic true chiptunes. For when you're in the mood for blips and bloops. I discovered some of the epic producers from the old demo days on this site like Laxity! From what I can tell, a large portion of the hot SIDs they got are from the Unepic Stoned High SID Collection. The site has gone through its highs and lows over the years. If you can donate, do it.

Gensokyo Radio

Yep touhou music. Can't help it, sometimes I'm just in the mood for it.


Freeform radio! I remember listening to Liz Berg's wacked out radio show back in the day. Crazy music interspersed by Liz randomly going on some drug-induced tirade between songs with no explanation. Their stuff is still good. Check it out.


Free web radio from a nice masto instance.

I'll add to this if I realize I forgot something...

- neko.py